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During her time as an intern at Incarnation Children’s Center, Katherine Corniel ran a very successful skills group that the residents loved… Cooking Around the World. Every week, Katherine and her resident “sous chef” would select a country to focus on. Together, they would research some interesting facts about the country and she would help the resident create a presentation with the facts and pictures for the resident to present during the group. Together, they would decorate the room to give it a flare to represent the country that they were presenting. They would also pick a recipe from that country, which all of the residents would participate in the preparation of as well. The best part was tasting the recipe once it was done! One of our residents was so excited that he was able to present information about the country he emigrated from in Africa. He chose a tasty African chicken dish for the group to try. The residents enjoyed the meal so much that they asked for it to be added to their dinner options. Residents were very excited when it was their week to be sous chef, and the other residents enjoyed being a part of the group just as much.

Katherine Corniel is finishing her Recreation Therapist degree at Lehman College in the Bronx, after completing her successful internship in December 2015. She is a great role model, is well liked by the residents and continues to volunteer her time to ICC.

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