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Thursday, Jan 08, 15 by

On Wednesday night, April 3rd, Core4 and their guests visited ICC with hands full of camp supplies! Robbie Gillin, Michael Keating, Greg Keating, Paul Hickey and Ryan O’Flaherty showed up with endless boxes of donations for ICC residents ….. sunscreen, bug spray, personal toiletries, ponchos and much, more more!

“Core4″ is a grass roots charity (or tangible philanthropy) started by four buddies who didn’t want to go through the formal process of a registered charity with scheduled meetings, websites, e-mails etc. Rather, they wanted to keep this a low key, low maintenance type of group in which each of them hand picks a person, organization or charity in need and delivers one project each quarter of the calendar year. Their goal is to show up at each project with their hands full of “goods” that will be put directly to use. They don’t just want to write a check. They want to be interactive with the targeted charity or people in need.

How fortunate are we, that Core4 chose ICC as one of their annual projects! The camp supplies that they donated are truly appreciated and will be a huge hit this summer, when we start preparing to send our residents to camp …… something they look forward to all year long. Thanks Core4!

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