The Bronx Zoo

Wednesday, Jan 14, 15 by

Thanks to Goldman Sachs, and their amazing volunteers, the residents of ICC were treated to a day at The Bronx Zoo. The residents packed a lot of fun into one day, as The Bronx Zoo has so much to see. We started at Wild Asia, taking a ride on the monorail to see animals in their natural habitats. For some of the residents, it was the first time that they visited the zoo and you could see how much fun it was as they were seeing animals and things that they had only seen in books or on TV. Throughout the day, the residents had a great time talking and interacting with the Goldman volunteers. The highlight of the day happened when we were in Congo Forrest, and saw the Lowland Gorilla exhibit. In this breathtaking exhibit, the gorillas are allowed to move freely in their environment, while the spectators look on through thick glass. The gorillas are able to, and often do, come right up to the glass and watch the spectators as if we were the ones in the zoo. The residents had never been so close to a gorilla and you could see the excitement all over their faces as gorillas would walk up to the glass. After a nice lunch at the Dancing Crane Café, we finished the day going through the Butterfly Zone, where many different varieties of butterflies gracefully flew around us as we walked through. At the end of the day, the residents said goodbye to the awesome volunteers from Goldman Sachs, and excitedly recounted the fun that they had all day.

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