Board of Directors

The dynamic group of people that makes up our Board of Directors. Our members have a wealth of experience and wisdom that they share with Incarnation Children’s Center to make our agency stronger and more effective each year.

  • James D. Cameron


  • Rev. Msgr. Kevin Sullivan

    Chair, Finance Committee

  • Beatriz Diaz Taveras

    Board Secretary

  • John M. Driscoll, Jr


  • Mr. Emmet Conlon


  • Ms. Samantha Rudin Earls

  • Mr. Thomas F. Egan


  • Margaret C. Heagarty


  • Rev. Msgr. Thomas Leonard


  • Silvia R. Mehmel


  • Carrol A. Muccia, Jr


  • Paul D. Straton


  • Ms. Anne Tommaso


  • Gerald T. Walsh

    Most Reverend Bishop

  • Sister Una McCormack

    Board of Directors Emeritus

  • Jack Rudin

    Board of Directors Emeritus

A Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear Friends,

As I began to compose this letter, I realized how quickly my first year has passed as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Incarnation Children’s Center.

As I look back on the accomplishments of Incarnation Children’s Center throughout the last year, I am proud of the excellent comprehensive care and treatment we provide to the HIV positive children and adolescents that we serve. The staff are the living version of the ICC mission and each of them has my true admiration and appreciation.

Our culture is a blessing, but it does not happen by accident. It is the result of many dedicated people who are devoted to our tradition of caring and quality, and their commitment to carry it forward every single day.

I would like to thank Administration for their loyalty and outstanding results, as well as the Board of Directors for their tireless dedication. I am truly grateful for their service.

As well, I am thankful for our continued supporters as well as the opportunity to spread the word about the work that we do at ICC to new potential partners.

In today’s economic environment, funding is even more critical in helping sustain our programs to help children with HIV/AIDS. Our motivation springs from the courage in the children we serve, who never, ever quit!

The work of the Center is so important in the lives of the children we serve. Please continue this journey with me. You have my heartfelt gratitude, as well as the sincere appreciation of the Center staff and children.

Most Sincerely,
James D. Cameron

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