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Dedicated and passionate about serving infants, children and adolescents with HIV/AIDS who were too sick to live at home, but not sick enough to require hospitalization. Children range in age from birth to twenty-one years of age, representing all five boroughs of New York.
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Letter From Executive Director


Dear Friends,


Change is inevitable. The profound nature of the changes that have occurred in the AIDS pandemic over the last twenty years could never have been foreseen. Though our commitment to caring for these children was never in doubt, what was open for examination was how to best serve their needs as they get older.


The adjustments we have made to our programming are not as dramatic as they have been gradual. They reflect the subtle yet important shifts of focus that we have made to allow the Center to better address the current needs of each youth. We remain invested in developing new interventions for the older teens and young adults that continue to need the services of the Center.


However, we would like to emphasize what has not changed. Our commitment to the individual needs of each child and family remains strong. It is the impact that HIV has on each aspect of a child’s life that still commands our attention. In this, we are committed to assisting our children in all facets of their lives and care. 


To highlight a few of the important program developments : in our care for older teens and young adults, we continue to build a strong life skills program to give our older residents the tools they need to care for themselves independently.  In mental health, we recognize the still much-needed effort to fight the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS as well as the need to address mental health issues alongside HIV disease as they invariably coexist.


This, in addition to first-rate medical care, a range of social services, nutritional support and a comprehensive recreation program ensures that we are able to affect changes in all areas of a child’s life.


We believe the changes we continue to make, combined with the Center’s longstanding commitment to excellence, makes ICC the best resource for HIV positive youth in New York City. As always, we look to unite our ICC donors, supporters and advocates with the energy,  expertise, and focused passions of our staff to provide the most exceptional care to our HIV-positive youth. When we combine our forces and resources, great things can happen for these children.

With gratitude,
Carolyn Castro

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